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Don’t interfere in AJK polls, Pak govt, politicians warned

SIALKOT - Socio-political circles and refugees settled in various parts of Sialkot have strongly apposed the interference of government and Pakistani political parties in the forthcoming general elections of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.“Political parties and government have no right to poke their nose in internal political affairs of AJK as well as to patronise the turncoats by Pakistani political parties,” they said. “It is very unfortunate that some top leaders including the Punjab Governor and ministers openly seeking support and bagging vote for the candidates nominated by the PPP contesting from Pakistan. Why they are active in AJK elections?” they questioned.

They said that the government and Pakistani political parties should pull the hands and let the AJK people to decide to elect their representatives freely in the upcoming general elections, adding that most of the leaders active in election activities were defectors and in fact they are struggling for their political survival by hoodwinking the people through their hollow slogans. “It is a vivid fact that most of the AJK leaders want to grab power by hook of by crook and they have no interest for the welfare of masses but the lust of power,” they said. They said the government and the political parties are promoting ‘lotaism’ by accommodating the ‘lotas’ in their parties and supporting them in elections. “Is it democracy?” they said.

They also said that the government and the political parties were showing political muscles and busy in showing power and want to make their candidates win in the election for their personal gains. They added that it was very unfortunate that AJK leaders indulged in the politics of inheritance and hypocrisy and totally ignored the refugees settled in every nook and corner of Pakistan. Scarifies rendered by the refugees for the creation of Pakistan were totally overlooked by the Kashmiri leadership.


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