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Political scenario in Azad Kashmir

Date for the General Elections for Legislative assembly has not been announced so far but it is believed that elections are going to be by the end of June 2011. Opposition parties, particularly Pakistan People's party AJK is criticizing the Attique khan's government for deliberately delaying the elections. While all this mess prevails, the ruling party Muslim conference is going deep and deep in troubles with each passing day and as a wild estimate, almost half of the Muslim conference has already joined Pakistan Muslim League (N) AJK which is headed by Sardar Sikander Hayat and Raja Farooq Haider. It is said that 8 more ministers including Sardar Najeeb Naqi, Chaudhary Rukhsar and many others are also in contact with PML(N) while Mehmood Riaz has been approached by Pakistan People's Party. Even the personal charisma of Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan has not worked here and Muslim conference is probably facing the worst crises of its history. Political Gurus are throwing blame on Sardar Attique khan for putting Muslim conference in such crises.

Election campaigns have been started by almost all the political parties at some level and corner meetings and rallies are going on. Candidates has not been decided yet by most of the political parties but potential candidates are found in public to grasp the support from them. Pakistan Peoples party is considered to be the strongest party in these elections. Mirpur & Bhimber are the strongholds of PPP while Sardar Qamar Zaman from Bagh, Sardar Yaqoob khan from Rawalakot, Chaudhary Lateef Akbar form Muzaffarabad and Mian Waheed from Neelum are also among the strong candidates for assembly from their respective constituencies.  Sardar Mohammad Hussain, Sardar Akhtar Rabbani and Sardar Ghulam Sadiq are also giving tough times to the opponents in Sudhnuti.

Pakistan Muslim League (N) AJK has Kotli and Muzaffarabad as its stronghold.Sardar Sikander Hayat and co from Kotli and Raja Farooq Haider and co from Muzaffarabad are the strongest candidates so far in their constituencies. But Outside Kotli and Muzaffarabad, it is hard to believe that PML(N) would be able to even win one single seat from AJK constituencies. PML(N) is expecting almost 60% seats of Refugees but that is unpredictable so far.

\Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party under the leadership of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan has also emerged to be a strong political entity this time in Poonch, Bagh and Sudhnati. It has come out of the realm of one-man show and now they are contesting on almost every constituency of AJK. Muslim Conference and PML(N) has approached JKPP but continuing their principled politics they refused to form any alliance this time with any of the political party so far. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan has an edge over Sardar Yaqoob from Rawalakot Town constituency while Sardar Mehmood Iqbal Khan is giving a tough time to Sardar Siab Khalid khan.

Many changes have to happen before elections and political games are ON. Lets see who takes the lead this time. May the deserving one gets the lead.


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Anonymous said...

PPP and MC(N) is leading parties in online election on, bu MQM is cheating through facebook popularitly. they don't have any one in Mirpur or Muzaffarabad. I am sure one of these parties will win election, most probebly PPP because they have Govt Support too..


June 2, 2011 at 12:47 AM

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