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AJK deserving people not issued Watan cards

MUZAFFARABAD (INP): AJK flood affectees have blamed the Revenue Department of Azad Jammu and Kashmir of awarding Watan cards to the influential people of the area while deserving and poor genuine people have been deprived of this facility. A group of flood-hit people of AJK told INP that deserving people have not been given Watan cards by the Revenue Department of AJK because the poor people have neither any approach to the officials nor they can influence them to acquire the cards. Sources said that merely less than 3 percent deserving people had been given the Watan cards and rest of them have been ignored because the officials of the Revenue Department were only considering the cases of only influential people and ignoring the applications of the deserving one. "Our cases were not considered by the officials of the Revenue Department because we have neither any money to bribe them to consider our applications nor we have other means to influence them," the flood-effectees blamed. All the benefits extended by the government of Pakistan to the flood-hit people including the Watan cards were being enjoyed by the affluent and those who have terms with the officials of Revenue Department, they accused.

Source : The frontier post


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