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Muslim Conference expected to make alliance with Pakistan People's party to block ways for PML(N)

After the statements of various political leaders regarding the formal announcement of launching of Pakistan Muslim league (Nawaz) in Azad Kashmir after Ashura, Prime Minister AJK Sardar Ateeq Held an immediate meeting with Minister Kashmir Affairs Mian Manzoor Ahmed Watto and discussed about the latest political scenario in AJK. The formation was an alliance with other political parties was also discussed in the meeting. It is expected that Muslim conference and Pakistan People's party makes a coalition, seat-to-seat adjustment or a limited coalition to stop the way of PML(N) from coming into the government. Formation of PML(N) has threatened the position of all the political entities in Azad Kashmir.


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Major Omer said...

At this particular juncure of time when PPP in Centre is facing lot of challenges and threats to hold to power, what kind of move has been made by Barisster Sultan by rejoining and merging his party in PPP? The speculations were that he is going to be the part of PML(N)in AJK.All those who blocked his way is neither good for them nor for him in the long run.It seems that the decision was taken in haste.

December 17, 2010 at 2:49 AM

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