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Sardar Yaqoob Couldn't decide which side to Join.

Ex-Prime Minister of AJK Sardar Yaqoob khan couldn't decide yet which side to join. He left the Muslim conference after he was thrown out of Premiership by his own party members and joined friends group. He has been approached by Pakistan People's party recently when Barrister Sultan met him at his residence in Rawalakot. He is also in contacts with Sikander Hayat Group and there is possibility that if PML(N) is launched in AJK, he might join that. Muslims Conference also wants to make some deal with Yaqoob khan regarding future's status and wants to get him back into party. Yaqoob Khan is following the strategy of "wait and see" and  watching the see-saw of the politics. One thing is almost clear that the people like Yaqoob khan follow no ideology and are real "Lotas" in AJK politics.He only pursue the Power and Seat. I wonder how would people still go for voting him in coming elections.


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