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Why aren't people of AJK aware of Cyber World ?

People all over the world has been seen participating in and using social networking websites, expanding their contacts, sharing their opinion and feelings, befriending new people, apart from the most important purpose of education and knowledge but people of AJK are seen as lacking quite behind in this regard. Only those people, who get a chance to go to some foreign country for study or Job purpose are found on facebook, orkut etc but very few of current residents are their actually. Reason are perhaps pathetic facility of internet service which is not even accessible by majority of people and their high charges. Government must encourage the internet service providers to improve and expand their services and to urge new companies like Wateen, W-tribe and other internet providers to start their services in the region. Irony is that even the students don't have much know-how about the internet use and i wonder how will they go along the pace of rest of the world if they don't even use internet for educational purposes. Government is supposed to take some steps in this regard.


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Anonymous said...

yes internet companies should start thier service in ajk.....

December 13, 2010 at 6:35 AM

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