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Parties gearing up for electoral alliances

MIRPUR (AJK) - With the announcement of schedule for general elections in Azad Jammu Kashmir, the electioneering by the intending contestants including independent candidates and political parties as well as the general public including supporters is swiftly gaining momentum across the state.

A new alliance named after the All Parties National Democratic Alliance comprising some progressive parties has also emerged to fight for the membership of the state legislature.
The Nation’s Staffer AH Rao reports on Monday that several electoral alliances comprising prominent political groups are expected since various political parties are joining heads to reach into the electoral alliances to field the joint candidates in the elections to 49-seat Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu Kashmir to be held on June 26, this year. May 26 was the last date for filing the nomination papers by the candidates intending to contest the polls, according to the elections schedule. Scrutiny of the nomination papers was being held on May 30 and the first list of the eligible candidates will be made public the same day.

The candidates would be able to lodge appeals in the central office of the AJK EC in Islamabad till June 3, 2011 by 2:00pm against the acceptance or rejection of the nomination papers. Hearing of the appeals will be held from June 4 to June 6 from 8:00am to 4:00pm daily in the CEC’s office in Islamabad. Decision on the appeals will by announce on June 8. The candidates will be able to withdraw their nomination papers by June 9. The candidates can apply for allotment of elector signs by June 10. The eligible candidates will be able to apply for allotment of the electoral signs from amongst a total of 53 stipulated signs lying with the EC. The final list of allotted electoral signs will be made public the same day - June 10

Some of the parties, intending to contest the polls under the fold of any alliance, are hectically engaged to each other to reach to formation of the alliance coupled with the specific intention to get maximum share of seats for fielding their respective candidates under the proposed alliances. Besides, various political parties, hundreds of independent candidates have also jumped into the field to contest the polls with their respective manifestos comprising tall claims of diverting their all energies and resources, on coming to power, for the betterment and welfare of the society and most commonly to raising the living standard of the common man


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