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Rulers have still not learnt any lessons from two vital issues: Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: PML-N head Mian Nawaz Sharif has expressed his great disappointment, that rulers had still not learnt any lessons from two very serious major issues of American incursion in Abbottabad and attack on PNS Mehran.Addressing a meeting of PML-N ticket holders for legislative Assembly of Jammu/Azad Kashmir on Friday, he warned the rulers to mend their ways, which were not conducive for good-governance and ruling ethics.

The PML-N chief also expressed his gratitude for great trust and faith reposed in PML-N, which was evident from such a massive response, and showed love and affection for the party in the region.
He stressed on the fact that only respect for law and constitution could usher in better and strong governance; while terrorism could only be subdued by equal just disbursement of justice to all, and equal disbursement of National resources for masses.

He said that a flourishing corruption could never encourage success and development in any country, stressing on a conducive and effective accountability for strengthening institutions and ending the compromised law and order situation.

He said that PML-N had the agenda for ushering in a revolutionary and strong socio-economic order, since it had evolved a strong base for ideological politics in the Federation, which should, would foster democratic norms, declaring that every good decison by PML-N had and would usher in a new spirit and strength in the hearts and minds of Kashmiri masses.

Earlier the former Azad Kashmir Premier, Raja Farooq Haider briefed the participants about the outstanding success and evolution of PML-N, despite a very short period of formation, in Kashmir.
He declared that the overwhelming response of those aspiring for being the potential ticket holders was a living proof of love and respect of masses for PML-N; citing 258 aspirants for PML-N ticket as compared to 190 of PPPP, while Muslim Conference was limited to only 90.


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