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Muslim Conference to support PPP AJK chief in elections

MIRPUR (AJK), June 1 (APP): The incumbent ruling All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference have categorically announced its unflinching support to the PPP’s candidate Ch. Abdul Majeed in the upcoming elections in his electoral constituency, Mirpur LA-II (Islamgarh Chakswari). This was revealed by the top Muslim Conference (MC) leader Raja Nijabat Hussain while addressing a news conference at Kashmir Press Club here Wednesday.

The PPP candidate Ch. Abdul Majeed, who is also the chief of the party’s AJK chapter, was also present on the occasion.
Raja Nijabat said those who betrayed the Muslim Conference mere for the accomplishment of their vested political interests would not be allowed to represent masses in the parliament.
“Rather such vested interest elements would be resorted to a convincing defeat in the polls,” he declared.

Nijabat said MC would not field any candidate in the elections in LA-II Mirpur constituency. 
“Rather it (Muslim Conference) will fully support the PPP’s candidate Ch. Abdul Majeed in the elections to make him victorious,” he said.
Speaking on the occasion, PPP AJK Chief and leader of the opposition in incumbent Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly Chaudhry Abdul Majeed thanked the Muslim Conference leaders for declaring its support to him in the elections.  
Majeed asserted that following the increased popularity graph of PPP among the masses, the party would emerge as the single majority party by winning 2/3rd majority in the 49-seat AJKLA to form the next government. 

Majeed said the upcoming elections to the AJK legislature would be of exceptional importance in view of the existing global scenario which was seeking early peaceful settlement of the Kashmir problem.
The Kashmiri leader emphatically said the early peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute only lied in the implementation of the related United Nations resolutions without further loss of time.  
“To achieve the task in line with the aspirations of the Kashmiris, free and fair plebiscite across the disputed Himalayan state should immediately be managed by the United Nations,” he urged.


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